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Joel Densman -Pastor

This is not an actual picture of me or my family. It came with the frame but they look great and wholesome.
My wife doesn't want her picture on the website and she is a lot prettier than me. So here is the real one of me.

See what I mean I like the one above better.

I want to invite you to join my family  (DeAnne, Caleb, and me) as we try our best to follow Jesus every day. We worship with our bigger family at Onion Creek Baptist every Sunday... since it's my job. That's true I am the preacher but even if I wasn't OCBC is a great extended family of followers that we love being a part of. If you give us a chance you might like it. Mikey did!

Here's the perceptions of my job. Some are close and some not.

Some more humor
Reactions to my great sermons

OK OK Now truth:

OK I don't take myself too serious. I take God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) real serious. I take being a part of the body of Christ (being part of Jesus' universal church that meets regularly at a local address) seriously. I take following serious because that is what Jesus called us to do"Follow Him". What do you take serious?

Brother (Bother) Joel Densman




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